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At some stage, all of us will come across an occasion where we will require the services of a logistics company. Whether it is for shipping cargo, storage of goods or relocation services, logistic companies offer a wide range of solutions. Different companies focus on various specialties such as regular distributions or warehouse storage. Depending on what you require, you can narrow down your choice of logistics companies and ensure that you get the services for what you actually need help with.

AKV is a well recognized company in Sri Lanka that offers a wide range of logistic solutions. We offer a variety of services backed up with innovative technology to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Our range of services consists of air and sea freight forwarding, time-definite transportation, international relocation, customs clearance and warehouse distribution from stations in Colombo for export and import cargo.

International shipping is a huge part of the present business world and the need to move cargo efficiently and quickly across borders and long distances is very important for the growth and success of a business. AKV is thoroughly equipped to aptly handle all the areas of commerce and transport, saving you from the burden of having to worry about transportation of cargo. We guarantee a smooth handling of goods, right from the starting point to the port of destination.

We employ a team of well trained professionals who are proficient in all areas of logistics. We also offer an all-inclusive package of services that are tailor-made to meet the needs of our clients and ensure that every stage of transportation is monitored and analyzed carefully. We understand how important a role logistics play in the value chain of any business and this is why we give utmost priority to customer satisfaction. AKV also has a very thorough understanding of local regulatory and legal issues so we can assist our clients to gain better transparency and cost control in all logistic dealings. Offering a wide array of services, we are also open to any questions our clients may have, ensuring that we provide a comprehensive and helpful service.


In recent times, Ecommerce has grown to become a multi billion dollar industry valued at a massive $1.5 trillion at a global scale. The escalation doesn’t stop there; the industry is expected to grow 20% in the next year alone. This major development is attributed to the increasingly evolving technology and the changes in consumer behavior. However, the key factor in the drastic expansion is the latest evolution that is m-commerce.

Having an online presence has made it much easier for customers where they can effortlessly evaluate performances, features and prices, read feedback and reviews by other users and easily assess functionalities. While this convenience is great for customers, it has proved to be an additional burden for providers because the products being ordered online need to be delivered in a suitable manner. Conversely, this has also enabled the growth of massive online ventures like Amazon and eBay.

In a recent study it was revealed that 71% of people prefer to shop online and the reason for this is that they feel that they can get a better deal. This is a direct contrast to the situation when people some time back preferred their purchases to be present at a store. This significant growth has been even more pronounced in the last couple of years.

With the boom of online shopping, every market is facing huge challenges in completing online orders efficiently. The international logistics business has proved to be answer to these challenges. Handling their own delivery is not an option for most businesses as it brings its own set of difficulties and with this in mind, the majority of businesses have turned to outsourcing or partnering with trusted logistics providers.

A number of logistics providers have advanced up the supply chain to provide added features such as special transport conditions like eco friendly options and temperature control and warehouse facilities while maintaining optimum service standards.  This outsourcing to logistic providers is a giant leap from a few years back when delivery was handled by businesses themselves.

A satisfactory fulfillment of an order placed is the most important objective as this will translate into the success of your brand image in general. Finding the best logistics provider who fits the criteria is vital for the success of your business and that’s where AKV can help you. With years of experience and expertise, we guarantee that all your logistics requirements are safe in our hands.


Typically, we read reviews and check for recommendations before buying a car, clothes or even checking in at a restaurant. And relocating to a different location is both, an incredibly exciting beginning and a very challenging move. The potential moving company should be reliable and should be someone you can trust with all your valuable possessions. Choosing the ideal relocation company is not easy- the relocation industry is complicated and you have to put in a lot of research before settling down with your choice. You need to be aware that there are some moving companies that don’t offer even the basic services so to get started, here are a few tips on choosing the best relocation company:

Give priority to services

When moving abroad, you are going to need a very high standard of service right from start to finish. The best relocation company will provide an all-inclusive relocation solution starting from departure and right to the arrival to make sure that you get the best service. Ideally, you should choose a relocation company that has a global network of branches and should be recognized for top value service. You could start by asking for good recommendation from family and friends and even call up a relocation company and ask them to outline their services.

See if the company employs trained and skilled staff

A great deal of a company’s reputation is attributed to the staff. A professional relocation company will always employ well trained staff who has the necessary skills to ensure top quality service. The staff should be well knowledgeable about the forwarding, clearing and custom regulations and above all, they should be very responsive to the needs of clients.

Use of quality packing materials

All the goods that you will be moving would undoubtedly be of great value, either financially or on a personal level. This is precisely why you would possibly fret over ensuring that all yours goods come back to you in perfect shape and this is why you have to spend time in researching the ideal relocation company. A good relocation company will only use the best materials and ensure that they combine it with tailor-made packaging so your goods are not going to be damaged.

Security, storage and safety

Choose a relocation company that has secured warehouse facilities for storage purposes and deals with the transportation of goods in the best way. Also, enquire about the relocation company’s security policies so you can rest assured that your goods are in capable hands.

Technology for tracking

While your goods are in transit, you would certainly want to know about its whereabouts and time of delivery so select a relocation company that offers technology to track your valuables in the stages of moving.

As one of the leading relocation companies in Sri Lanka, AKV uses innovative technology to offer a high level of visibility from one end to another. Our team of skilled professionals will also guide you through this difficult process of relocation, offer advice and finally, deliver all your belongings safely to you.