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At AKV, we understand the significance of custom brokerage in getting your products to their destination. Failing to meet the customs requirements will not only be costly but it can also disrupt your supply chain and result in penalties and lost of business. A single piece of misplaced or inaccurate information on a customs entry can cost you in fines and delays. With so much at stake in today’s globalized market, the last thing you need is setbacks at the border.

This is where we can help you. Our highly competent custom brokerage, compliance and clearance service is designed to take the complications out of the customs procedure. When moving cargo across international borders, we work to reduce risks by taking care to manage the smooth transition of freight from one border to another.  AKV’s proficiency in international shipping and the years of experience with multi-national supply chains can help you get your cargo to any destination without bureaucratic delays.

We pride ourselves in providing error-free customs clearance service with a team of dedicated professionals who have a clear understanding of the complexities of trade policies on national and global levels with an austere attention to details, ensuring that your supply chain will be free of hitches, regardless of which border it crosses. To ensure the absolute safety of your goods, our team will serve as the first point of contact with both custom authorities and the receiving customers, offering guidance and expert advice on matters pertaining to customs throughout the whole procedure.

AKV has a thorough understanding of all legal issues and local regulatory and we are able to efficiently assist you to achieve better transparency and cost control in all customs related dealings. You want your cargo in your customer’s hands in good time- we will get the job done swiftly, on budget and in perfect condition.