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Personalized warehousing solutions to enhance efficiency and augment flexibility


Tactical warehousing solutions can either make or break your success and at AKV, we offer you with the ultimate service solutions that will help your business flourish. Our wide network of dedicated warehousing operations, together with the best tools, systems and processes will guarantee the most cost-efficient warehousing services.

We provide our customers with an effective, secure and economical warehousing service and we handle the ins and outs of all cargo, regardless of size. The value of our services goes beyond the basic inventory management and supply chain visibility. Our carefully planned network and strategic warehousing locations close to major hub and port operations enables us to meet all our clients’ warehousing requirements.

AKV offers client-specific warehouse storage solutions as well and our outstanding facilities are perfectly managed by trained professionals. Our warehousing services will help you to significantly reduce the operational and organizational costs and allow you to focus on what’s more important: your business.

As a professional logistics company, AKV ensures that we fulfill more tasks within the given time frame and ensure quality service. Our fully integrated warehouse management system allows all customers to manage the residue of goods and receive a detailed report of tasks. A highly effective warehouse management is impossible without considerable effort from our side and this is why we employ a system of integrated software. We offer our customers the ability to consolidate their inventory and ship from one central location, helping our valued customers to save time, money and create more flexibility in business.

At AKV, we formulate the finest logistic policy to help you minimize on costs, and maximize on your profits. Our high-class professionalism and dedicated service that is by your side at all times will assure you of the safe and timely arrival of goods, anywhere, and anytime.