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In the field of logistics services, knowing the market well means doing your business better. Our knowledge, together with our associations in different locations makes us your ultimate logistics solution in the emerging markets. We offer you integrated logistic solutions and our value-added services are aimed to add ease to your business. AKV meets the demands of the increasingly sophisticated needs of the international trade through flawless integrated information systems and customized solutions.

We are pride ourselves in being an experienced and well recognized company based in Sri Lanka. At AKV, we take the time to understand every individual customer needs. Our wide-ranging spectrum of services is backed up by innovative information technology that provides a high level of visibility from one end to another. Our services include consolidation and forwarding of air and sea freight, time-definite transportation, warehousing and distribution and customs clearance from stations in Colombo for import and export cargo. Ever since our launch, we have worked tirelessly to offer our clients comprehensive logistics solutions with orientation to customer satisfaction.

Our team of experienced and professional custom clearing agents are well-versed in the field of freight forwarding, transportation, custom clearing and warehousing. Integrating the key elements of talent and experience, we strive to be your ultimate logistics solutions and we offer a comprehensive package of services that are tailor-made to meet our client requirements. Our competence, specialization and deep-rooted commitment inspire us to offer the ultimate logistic services and establish a paradigm for prompt and effective services.



We, at AKV, speak the same language across the globe- the language of scalable and unswerving logistic service. The same language that epitomizes the spirit of responsiveness, responsibility and originality. AKV adds value to its personalized services through timely information, customized reporting and state-of-art technology to cater to the requirements of exporters and importers. We offer a host of benefits as well:

  • Quality check at every juncture of shipment procedure
  • Authentication of shipment documents
  • Timely delivery of goods
  • Customized shipment packages conforming to each client’s individual requirements



We go the extra mile in offering the best quality of operational procedures in the process of shipment of goods to ensure that every step of transportation is maintained and analyzed carefully, starting right from the port of origin to the port of destination.

  • We are your one-stop source for all types of cargo transportation and logistics
  • We have designed arrangements to have the consignments picked and delivered, right to your doorstep
  • We are strongly committed to offer quality services catering to the interests and requirements of your valued customers
  • Our dedicated team of professional employees will ensure that each organizational activity is carefully monitored
  • A vast global network that enables us to work proficiently and promptly



Flexibility, reliability and experience are AKV’s trademark and we provide everything your business needs to gain a competitive edge in today’s rapidly changing transportation arena. We offer an extensive array of services to facilitate our customer productivity. We know that our services can have a direct impact on your business. Therefore, we dedicate personal attention to every project we deal with to ensure that you benefit from our customized solutions. Our services include:



Our customers are our most valuable asset and this is precisely why we strive to fulfill your needs in the most convenient methods so you can rest assured that with us at AKV, you’re in safe hands. We understand that when our customers place their goods in our hands, we are entrusted with their trust as well and we will do everything in our power to cater to our customer requirements.

We strive to empower our customers with an increasing list of solutions and services and our repertoire includes a line of value added services to fulfill every need:

  • Clearance in all pre-shipment procedures
  • Shipment guidance in relation to sea and air shipment
  • Constant tracking of orders and enquiries from customers
  • Ease of documentation procedures
  • Timely delivery of goods



Whenever our clients choose AKV, they choose trust and we work consistently to fulfill this reliance entrusted upon us. AKV is not just about shipping goods; it’s about efficiency, quality and loyalty and we live up to our mission with determined dedication.

At AKV, we base our services around the fact that your success is our success. We welcome you warmly to come aboard AKV, explore our ocean of shipment solutions and fulfill your requirements with clear-cut precision.