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At some stage, all of us will come across an occasion where we will require the services of a logistics company. Whether it is for shipping cargo, storage of goods or relocation services, logistic companies offer a wide range of solutions. Different companies focus on various specialties such as regular distributions or warehouse storage. Depending on what you require, you can narrow down your choice of logistics companies and ensure that you get the services for what you actually need help with.

AKV is a well recognized company in Sri Lanka that offers a wide range of logistic solutions. We offer a variety of services backed up with innovative technology to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Our range of services consists of air and sea freight forwarding, time-definite transportation, international relocation, customs clearance and warehouse distribution from stations in Colombo for export and import cargo.

International shipping is a huge part of the present business world and the need to move cargo efficiently and quickly across borders and long distances is very important for the growth and success of a business. AKV is thoroughly equipped to aptly handle all the areas of commerce and transport, saving you from the burden of having to worry about transportation of cargo. We guarantee a smooth handling of goods, right from the starting point to the port of destination.

We employ a team of well trained professionals who are proficient in all areas of logistics. We also offer an all-inclusive package of services that are tailor-made to meet the needs of our clients and ensure that every stage of transportation is monitored and analyzed carefully. We understand how important a role logistics play in the value chain of any business and this is why we give utmost priority to customer satisfaction. AKV also has a very thorough understanding of local regulatory and legal issues so we can assist our clients to gain better transparency and cost control in all logistic dealings. Offering a wide array of services, we are also open to any questions our clients may have, ensuring that we provide a comprehensive and helpful service.